Access Your Money on the Go

Conveniently accepted at millions of merchants worldwide, the FLCBank debit MasterCard®can help make your life simpler and offer more flexibility and security than cash and checks.

For more information call 800.318.3159 or contact a 私人银行家 直接.

欺诈 & Purchase Alerts on Your Terms

Protect your debit card through your mobile device by receiving alerts and defining when, where and how your payment cards are used - with CardValet®. Payment cards offer convenience and risk prevention. CardValet manages the risk by allowing you to define when, where, and how your cards can be used.

Manage Risk with CardValet®

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Receive alerts whenever your payment cards are used

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Establish transaction controls for dollar amount limits, merchant categories, transaction types and geographic locations


Safeguard your cards: Turn them "off" if they're misplaced or stolen and back "on" when you're ready to use them

Credit Card options as unique as you!

We offer a variety of credit card options to meet your personal needs. Whether you're looking for an everyday cash back card or luxury travel rewards, we have partnered with Mastercard® so you're sure to find a card that suits your needs.


Platinum Payback Card

Platinum Payback

Earn Cash Back as You Spend


Platinum Preferred

Earn 点 for Valuable Rewards



点 & Cash Back Rewards

世界精英 Card


$299 Annual Fee ($49 for each additional card)
$200 Annual Airline Fee Credit